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The Farmers’ Union of Georgia was established on May 1, 1992. The members of the union are 25 000 small farmers and about 500 agro firms, cooperatives, agricultural enterprises, farmers‘ associations, large farmers, who rent about 10-500 ha land in order to produce agricultural product. The union has its organizations in almost every region of Georgia.

The Farmers‘ Union provides support to the farmers in the development of different agricultural sectors and sales of production in Georgia and abroad. Also, the Farmers‘ Union assists local organizations in creation the cooperatives, credit unions and agro service enterprises. The Union protects the interests of the farmers and businessmen, submits their problems to the Parliament and Government. The union provides all conditions to the farmers to obtain knowledge in economics and law. In this connection it has been established the Farmers‘ University that provides free education to the farmers in different agricultural sectors.

Today Georgian farmers have their own house - the national office of Farmers‘ Union. Everyday it is visited by over 150-200 farmers from nearby districts, as well as from distant regions of Georgia.

The Union has established Consulting center where the farmers can address for advice and consultations and obtain information on different sectors of agriculture (plant-growing, livestock breeding, marketing, relationship with bank, corporation, credits, technical service, practice).

Georgian Farmers‘ Union has issued monthly paper “Chemi Mamuli” (My Estate), which has become the farmers‘ favorite paper. The paper provides the farmers with the information reflecting foreign experience in agricultural sector, new technologies for the production of different crops.

In accordance with the novelties and running processes in the country the house of Georgian Farmers‘ Union often organizes lectures, scientific conferences and seminars.

Georgian Farmers‘ Union implements the principles of cooperatives existing in foreign countries. It takes part in international programs for technical and financial assistance, exchanging and training of specialists abroad. It prepares projects in order to attract investments and perform joint activities in agricultural sector. The Union broadens its cooperation with foreign organizations through the participation in international programs.







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