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Projects Implemented

Georgian Farmers Union has implemented following projects under the support from foreign organizations:

1995 - American International Organization Try Valley Growers - Project of new kinds of wheat and maize.

1995-98 - GTZ Project - Agricultural Development in Private Sector.

1996 - under TACIS project ITAGA established information-consulting centers in Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Zugdidi and Tsnori. The goal of this project was management of information service to Georgian farmers and customers of agricultural products. The project was implemented successfully. Periodic bulletin Agro business herald was published under the project, which play important role in the matter of development of agricultural products and their realization.

Newly formed information centers systematically conducted research of the market, farmers` problems were discovered and new technologies were offered them to solve these problems. Research information was shared between centers through the Internet.

1996-97 - ACDI - Wheat and maize seed production project.

2001 - under the grant of the British Embassy the consultation and technical assistance were provided to cattle-breeders in Tskhinvali region.

By 2003 implementation of project Information-consulting Service in Agricultural Sector financed by the fund Opened Society-Georgia began in order to create consultative center equipped with techniques and office inventory and to organize seminars in Tskhinvali region. Brochures about growing and caring of fruit, vegetable and cereal crops in Georgian and Russian languages were distributed among the residents of the village.







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