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According to recommendations the Research-consulting Council of "Georgian Farmers" Union publishes agricultural brochures prepared by leading scientists and specialists. There is the possibility to access to them at the office of "Georgian Farmers" Union and regional organizations. By this time following brochures including different fields of agriculture are issued:

Cultivation of mushrooms

Cultivation of agaric mushrooms -G.Phorchkhidze
Cultivation of mushrooms (kalmakha) - G.Phorchkhidze
Mushrooms' excellent world - G .Phorchkhidze


Caring and rearing of bees - D.Kipiani
Take care of bees and treat with its products- V.Taqtaqishvili,G.Taqtaqishvili
If you are going to be a beekeeper. How to use bee products for treating purposes- V.Taqtaqishvili,G.Taqtaqishvili.
Bee Products and humans' health - Leri Khuthishvili
Issues on bee care and breeding - I. Mamuladze
Beekeeping and treatment with bee products - G.Ramishvili
Methods for giving and changing Queen bees - T.Gogoberidze
Georgian beekeeping - editor Budu Murusidze
Some issues about caring and breeding bees -I. Mamuladze
Prophylaxis and treatment of bees' diseases- V. Stepanishvili

Wine making and Viticulture

Making wine under the family conditions - Vasil Kasradze
New methods in viticulture- Tamaz Kvlividze
Wine making - G.Jankhoteli
Terminologies and interpretations of wine making -T.Kortava


kiwi - V. Papunidze
Kiwi - Q. Jgenti, G. Stephania
Establishemnt and management of garden - Z. Loladze, L. Mshvidobadze, G.Bliadze
Nut's agro ecological areas in Georgia -V.Gogitidze, N.Mirotadze
Growing nut plantations -T.Cherqezishvili


Forgotten truth -L.Kalichava
Flowers in the family - I.Babunashvili

Livestock breeding

Beaver and rabbit - E.Somkhishvili
Fish infection diseases - T.Gavasheli
Rabbiting in farms - U.Abashidze
How to breed high productive cow - G.Dalaqishvili,L.Tortladze
Library of farm - useful advices - T.Kurashvili 
Taking care of live-stock health - T.Kurashvili
Bruceloz - M. Lomineishvili, T.Gavasheli
Veterinarian phytotherapy - T.Kurashvili
101 advices for helping farmers - T.Kurashvili
Physiological indicators of domestic pets and birds - T.Kurashvili 
Let's benefit from colostrums - T.Kurashvili
Measuring live weight of animals - T.Kurashvili
Caring and rearing of pigs - T.Kurashvili
Animal and environmental temperature - T.Kurashvili
How to breed buffalo - G.Dalaqishvili
Pig slaughtering, meat curing - I .Shubitidze, M.Shubitidze
Main kinds of pigs and their breeding - I.Shubitidze, M. Shubitidze
Getting healthy piglets - I.Shubitidze, M.Shubitidze
How to breed rabbit - G.Dalaqishvili


Short reference book for vegetable growers - R.Chikhladze
Do you want to be healthy? Take care of vegetable garden - Z. Loladze, N. Mirotadze
600 advices to vegetable growers - Frantz Biomig


How much food is needed for hen keeping - T.Kurashvili
Poultry - R.Chikhladze
Feeding of birds - R.Kirvalidze
Poultry in individual farm - R.Chikhladze


Organization of farm - T.Hess
Sowing calendar - Maria Tun
Micro and small hydroelectric power stations in practical examples - SH.Kapanadze
Astrological calendar - D.Kipiani
Forest growing rules - T.Cherqezishvili
Agriculture mechanization development - R.Makharobeli, T. Iashvili
Farmers` book of reference - G.Batiashvili
How to recognize adulterated product - A.Dautashvili 

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