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Structure Scientific consulting council

The Research-Consulting Council been established within the Farmers' Union is compounded with the representatives from different departments of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Academy of Agricultural Sciences, different associations, the composition includes also heads of foreign organizations and private sector specialists. The council provides recommendations to the agricultural programs and projects throughout the whole country.

Members of the Research-Consulting Council are:

1. Raul Babunashvili -President of GFU
2. Tengiz Kurashvili -Vice-president of GFU, professor, Doctor of Veterinary Sciences 
3. Tamaz Gavasheli - Doctor of Agricultural Sciences
4. Nugzar Shengelia - Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Main consultant of GFU
5. Leila Bazerashvili - Doctor of Agricultural Sciences
6. Nana Chigogidze - Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, specialist of plant protection 
7. Bidzina Korakhashvili - Professor, Doctor of Agricultural Science
8. Otar Alavidze - Deputy chief of Seed Inspection Department of theMinistry of Agriculture of Georgia
9. Zurab Loladze - Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, specialist of plant protection
10. Ushangi Davitashvili - Chief of State Inspection of Variety Test 
11. Zviad Bobokashvili - Doctor of Agricultural Sciences
12. Laura Mamulashvili - Manager of the department of Agricultural Development  







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